Temperature drop and the risk of asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis


              <p>The relationship between asthma and temperature changes remains controversial. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between temperature changes and the risk of asthma. A total of 26 studies (combined total number of subjects <em>N</em> &gt; 26 million), covering 13 countries and Costa Rica, were identified by using a series of keywords in different combinations and searching the papers in PubMed, EMBSEA, Web of Science, MEDLINE, AIM, LILACS, and WPRIM before February 2016. Most of the papers were published in English. Random-effects meta-analyses were performed to evaluate the effect of temperature drop on risk of asthma. Several secondary analyses were also calculated based on stratification for different age, season, latitude, and region on risk of asthma. The odds ratio (OR) estimate between temperature drop and asthma was 1.05 (95% CI 1.02, 1.08) in the meta-analysis. For children, the overall OR was 1.09 (95% CI 1.03, 1.15). Dose-effect analyses showed stronger associations in asthma risk for each 1°1 °C decrement in short-term temperature (OR 1.055, 95% CI 1.00, 1.11). Further stratifications showed that winter (OR 1.03, 95% CI 1.01, 105) and low latitude (OR 1.72, 95% CI 1.23, 2.41) have a statistically significant association with the increased risk of asthma. Exposure of people to short-term temperature drop (per 1 °C decrement) was significantly associated with the risk of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) with asthma (OR 1.02, 95% CI 1.00, 1.04). Results suggest an adverse effect of temperature drop on asthma risk, especially in children and low-latitude areas. It may be opportune to consider the preventive actions against temperature drop, including simple face masks, to decrease the risk of asthma.</p><br /><br />

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