Growth failure in hereditary spherocytosis and the effect of splenectomy


                  <p>To analyze growth-failure and improvement, if any, following splenectomy in children with hereditary spherocytosis.</p> 

                  <p>Data collection from case-records (n=82) over 27-years (1985-2011).</p> 

                  <p>Prevalence of stunting was 26%; 32% were underweight. Stunted children were older in age (<em>P</em>=0.006) and presented late (<em>P</em>=0.003). Splenectomy (<em>n</em>=26) improved anemia (<em>P</em>&lt;0.001). However, height-for-age did not improve at 1-year, or 4.5-years (median) following splenectomy (<em>P</em>=1.0). Number of underweight children did not reduce at 1-<em>(P</em>=0.21), or 4.5-years (<em>P</em>=0.21) following surgery.</p> 

                  <p>Growth-failure is frequent in children with hereditary spherocytosis in India. Splenectomy corrected the anemia but failed to improve the growth.</p> 
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