Candida blood stream infection in neonates: Experience from a tertiary care teaching hospital of Central India


                  <p>To assess the epidemiology of neonatal Candida blood stream infection.</p> 

                  <p>Medical records of neonates with Candida blood stream infection over 5 years (September 2010 to August 2015) were reviewed. Clinical details, species distribution and antifungal susceptibility were noted.</p> 

                  <p>114 neonates developed Candida blood stream infection. Commonly isolated Candida species were <em>C. tropicalis</em>, <em>C. albicans</em> and <em>C. parapsilosis</em>. Susceptibility for fluconazole and amphotericin B was 86.6% and 68.3%, respectively. Central line &gt;7 days and hospital stay &gt;28 days were independent risk factors associated with non-albicans Candida infection.</p> 

                  <p>Early removal of central line, timely fungal culture and antifungal susceptibility are necessary for early and appropriate treatment and better outcome.</p> 
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