Evolution in the surgical management of gastric cancer: is extended lymph node dissection back in vogue in the USA?


                  <p>Gastric cancer remains a formidable treatment challenge. For decades, treatment consisted mostly of surgical intervention for this deadly disease. With improvements in the multi-disciplinary management of solid organ malignancies, the approach to this disease is being stepwise refined.</p> 

                  </span><h3>Main body</h3> 
                  <p>One of the prevalent controversies in the surgical management of gastric cancer rests on the need for adequate harvesting of lymph nodes. For decades, lymph node dissection is regarded as a staging technique useful in only upstaging the disease. The adoption of D2 lymphadenectomy has been particularly slow to mature. But with prevailing data from Asia consistently demonstrating a survival benefit from lymphadenectomy, it calls into question the notion of lymphadenectomy as being solely a staging procedure.</p> 

                  <p>As gastric resection techniques are being better defined in western countries and surgical morbidities lowered on its execution, D2 lymphadenectomy is becoming more accepted as the new standard in the management of gastric cancer.</p> 
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