A New Method for Stabilizing the Columellar Strut Used in Rhinoplasty: Trans-septal Columellar Stabilizing Suture

Publication date: Available online 15 July 2017
Source:Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Author(s): Jae Yong Jeong, Hyeokjae Kwon, Yibo Piao, Sang-Ha Oh
PurposeIf minimal deformity or instability after columellar strut graft is present, it can be solved by the placing suture between the columella strut and caudal septum such as medial crura anchor suture and projection control suture. However, this is very tedious.MethodsWe designed the so-called trans-septal columellar stabilizing suture (TCSS) for management of the final tip projection and location and increasing stability after the CSG.ResultsTip projection and rotation could be carefully controlled by varying the position of the TCSS. In addition, TCSS provided increasing stability on columellar strut. It is not necessary to remove any prior suture, or the graft.ConclusionTCSS usefully controls the final positions and shapes of the tip and columella and provides stability to columellar strut after CSG. Furthermore, TCSS is so easy and time saving procedure.



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