Oral immunotherapy for food allergy: A Spanish guideline. Immunotherapy egg and milk Spanish guide (items guide). Part I: Cow milk and egg oral immunotherapy: Introduction, methodology, rationale, current state, indications contraindications and oral immunotherapy build-up phase

Publication date: July–August 2017
Source:Allergologia et Immunopathologia, Volume 45, Issue 4
Author(s): A. Martorell, E. Alonso, L. Echeverría, C. Escudero, R. García-Rodríguez, C. Blasco, J. Bone, J. Borja-Segade, T. Bracamonte, A. Claver, J.L. Corzo, B. De la Hoz, R. Del Olmo, O. Dominguez, V. Fuentes-Aparicio, I. Guallar, H. Larramona, F. Martín-Muñoz, V. Matheu, A. Michavila, I. Ojeda, P. Ojeda, M. Piquer, P. Poza, M. Reche, P. Rodríguez del Río, M. Rodríguez, F. Ruano, S. Sánchez-García, S. Terrados, L. Valdesoiro, M. Vazquez-Ortiz
IntroductionCow’s milk and egg are the most frequent causes of food allergy in the first years of life. Treatments such as oral immunotherapy (OIT) have been investigated as an alternative to avoidance diets. No clinical practice guides on the management of OIT with milk and egg are currently available.ObjectivesTo develop a clinical guide on OIT based on the available scientific evidence and the opinions of experts.MethodsA review was made of studies published in the period between 1984 and June 2016, Doctoral Theses published in Spain, and summaries of communications at congresses (SEAIC, SEICAP, EAACI, AAAAI), with evaluation of the opinion consensus established by a group of experts pertaining to the scientific societies SEICAP and SEAIC.ResultsRecommendations have been established regarding the indications, requirements and practical aspects of the different phases of OIT, as well as special protocols for patients at high risk of suffering adverse reactions.ConclusionsA clinical practice guide is presented for the management of OIT with milk and egg, based on the opinion consensus of Spanish experts.



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