Novel Online or Mobile Methods to Assess Eating Patterns


                </span><h3>Purpose of Review</h3> 
                <p>Recent developments in technology-based dietary assessment allow real-time data collection of eating occasions, yet their application to assessing eating pattern constructs has not been evaluated. The purpose of this review was to examine existing electronic and mobile food diary methods in relation to their ability to assess eating patterns constructs (e.g. patterning, format and context of eating occasions).</p> 

                </span><h3>Recent Findings</h3> 
                <p>A systematic search of electronic databases identified 18 dietary assessment methods. Multiple methods with diverse technological capabilities have been developed, yet few studies report on their ability to assess all eating pattern constructs, particularly eating occasion context. Validity of the methods to assess overall dietary intake was found to be similar to traditional dietary assessment methods.</p> 

                <p>A diverse range of methods are available for examining the patterning and format/content, but not context, of eating occasions. Further consideration of eating pattern constructs is required when developing dietary assessment methods.</p> 
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