Effects of Zinc Glycinate on Productive and Reproductive Performance, Zinc Concentration and Antioxidant Status in Broiler Breeders


                <p>An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of zinc glycinate (Zn-Gly) supplementation as an alternative for zinc sulphate (ZnSO<sub>4</sub>) on productive and reproductive performance, zinc (Zn) concentration and antioxidant status in broiler breeders. Six hundred 39-week-old Lingnan Yellow broiler breeders were randomly assigned to 6 groups consisting of 4 replicates with 25 birds each. Breeders were fed a basal diet (control group, 24 mg Zn/kg diet), basal diet supplemented with 80 mg Zn/kg diet from ZnSO<sub>4</sub> or basal diet supplemented with 20, 40, 60 and 80 mg Zn/kg diet from Zn-Gly. The experiment lasted for 8 weeks after a 4-week pre-test with the basal diet, respectively. Results showed that Zn supplementation, regardless of sources, improved (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) the feed conversion ratio (kilogram of feed/kilogram of egg) and decreased broken egg rate, and elevated (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) the qualified chick rate. Compared with the ZnSO<sub>4</sub> group, the 80 mg Zn/kg Zn-Gly group significantly increased (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) average egg weight, fertility, hatchability and qualified chick rate, whereas it decreased (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) broken egg rate. The Zn concentrations in liver and muscle were significantly higher (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) in 80 mg Zn/kg Zn-Gly group than that in ZnSO<sub>4</sub> group. Compared with ZnSO<sub>4</sub> group, 80 mg Zn/kg Zn-Gly group significantly elevated (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) the mRNA abundances of metallothionein (MT) and copper-zinc superoxide (Cu-Zn SOD), as well as the Cu-Zn SOD activity and MT concentration in liver. Moreover, the 80 mg Zn/kg Zn-Gly group had higher (<em>P</em> &lt; 0.05) serum T-SOD and Cu-Zn SOD activities than that in the ZnSO<sub>4</sub> group. This study indicated that supplementation of Zn in basal diet improved productive and reproductive performance, Zn concentration and antioxidant status in broiler breeders, and the 80 mg Zn/kg from Zn-Gly was the optimum choice for broiler breeders compared with other levels of Zn from Zn-Gly and 80 mg/kg Zn from ZnSO<sub>4</sub>.</p><br /><br />



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